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The insurance industry is changing at breakneck speed: security, regulation, productivity and processes are constantly evolving and nowhere more so than in the Lloyd's and London markets. And most dynamic is information technology - the engine of today's insurance operations. Cloud computing, analytics, big-data, cyber defence, mobility and social media are key developments for today's IT decision-makers.

Insurance Technology Forums (ITF) focuses on related issues across all these aspects of managing, planning and developing the right technology solutions to make insurers, underwriters, brokers and agents understand and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Our regular ‘invitation only’ events – forums and briefings – bring together the most influential insurance people and the most compelling insurance technology hot topics.

Our raison d'être

“The London Market has been undergoing and continues to undergo radical change in its practices, processes and technologies. IT change is rarely easy, for anybody, but especially so in a business sector that is steeped in over 338 years of heritage and tradition. Practitioners from this Market involved in the IT and operational change process will know only too well what a difficult task they face on a daily basis. The overriding aim of the ITF Briefings is to inform, engage, educate and encourage professional interchange of concepts, ideas and practices, by way of presentations and interactive discussions led by respected academics, authors and sector professionals from the world of IT and commercial operations. The hope is that these seminars will arm those responsible for business improvement and change with new tools, ideas, concepts and best practice.”

What are the costs of attending and frequency?

ITF round table briefings are free-to-attend-events.

Who should attend?

Senior management, IT professionals, finance heads, business process planners, system architects, security managers, legal, regulatory and compliance executives and business analysts. These events are a proven valuable source of information and reference.

Where and when are ITF Round Table Briefings held?

ITF Briefings are held usually in the Lloyd’s Building or other prime venues located within London EC3. For the convenience of delegates, Briefings are convened as 'breakfast time briefings' (8.30-10.00) or 'lunch time briefings' (12.00 – 14.00) and include an introduction; presentation by experts in the field; and a lively Q&A session, in all, extending to a focused and demanding 90-minutes. With sessions capped at 20 seats.

ITF Briefings are marketed, managed and hosted by ITF senior personnel, supported by IT specialists from globally renowned vendors and leading service providers who understand the London insurance market and its unique demands and challenges.

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