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Insurance companies: turning operational resilience into a competitive advantage

InTechForums Boardroom at 34 Lime Street, London EC3M 7AT,

Wednesday 09 October 2024

12:00PM - 14:00PM


Competition in today’s London insurance market is relentless and satisfying customers’ ever-increasing demands is challenging. To effectively compete your digital re-invention must be continuous. Those companies who maintain a status quo, will inevitably be left behind.

With global regulators intensifying their focus on operational risk and resilience, both the EU and UK are gearing up to implement their own acts aimed at enhancing oversight in these areas, set to take effect in Q1 2025. While some may view these regulatory measures as mere distractions with their associated time and cost burdens, it's crucial to recognise the pressing need for improved resilience, particularly in the face of escalating cyber threats, fraud risks, the challenges posed by outdated IT infrastructure and the growing reliance on third party suppliers.

With the help of senior regulatory commentators, market experts and technology leaders, this fast paced 90-minute thought provoking roundtable will provide valuable insights to some of the latest key 'Hows' and 'How-nots' for insurance companies - irrespective of size - to maintain an up-to-date and robust regulatory framework, and sustainable operational resilience.

Who Should Attend

This briefing is designed for senior business, risk and compliance executives, IT, security, data governance professionals, plus underwriters and brokers who work in the Lloyd's and London insurance market, who wish to extend their understanding of this important and changing regulatory landscape. If this event is relevant to colleagues please forward this e-mail to them. Thank you.


12:00 - 12:10
Welcome and Introductions

12:10 - 13:30
Presentations and Q&A

13:30 - 14:00
Buffet Lunch and Networking

14:00 - 14:00


Andrew Sheen - Director, AJ Sheen Consulting
Andrew Sheen

Director, AJ Sheen Consulting

'The Regulator’s View'

In a career spanning 30 years, Andrew Sheen has considerable experience in financial services and at the UK regulator, Basel II Committee Member and Tier 1 banks.  Andrew is best known for the 8 years he spent at the UK regulator, firstly in senior roles at the FSA and subsequently at the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). 

Andrew is a regular speaker and panallist on the global stage promoting the development and discipline of Operational Risk. Andrew is a fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk, having previously headed the England and Wales Chapter and has been a non-executive director.

Antony Bream - UK & Europe GTM Strategy Advisor on DORA
Antony Bream

UK & Europe GTM Strategy Advisor on DORA

'The Regulatory Technology Expert’s View'

Highly accomplished with significant experience, Antony Bream is the UK & Europe GTM Strategy Advisor on DORA at Gieom.  Antony is also a member of several advisory boards operating within the financial services sector.

Carl Stone - Security Associate Partner, Financial Services Sector Lead CCIE at IBM
Carl Stone

Security Associate Partner, Financial Services Sector Lead CCIE at IBM

'The Security Expert’s View'

As a Security Associate Partner at IBM 1Consulting, Carl leverages 25 years of industry experience and CCIE Emeritus credential to lead the Financial Services sector. My mission is to help clients in banking, financial markets, and insurance achieve secure, resilient, and compliant infrastructures that support their business goals and regulatory requirements.

Carl has a proven track record of delivering innovative and transformative solutions working with teams across IBM and external partners. He also brings valuable insights from his previous roles, among these include Head of Networks, Network Security, and Unified Communications at Worldpay.

AJ Thompson - Chief Commercial Officer at Northdoor plc
AJ Thompson

Chief Commercial Officer at Northdoor plc

'Roundtable Moderator'

AJ is an industry thought leader, providing commentary and advice on a number of subject areas including data, cyber security, cloud computing, supply chain security and regulatory compliance amongst other areas. He is regularly quoted in press and is a trusted source for unbiased, expert comment.

AJ is a member of IBM’s Worldwide Security Advisory Council focussed on data access and data security.

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